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Prior to the year 2000, the concept of the multi-line insurance agency carried much more weight and validity than it does now. The concept of the “Jack of all trades” insurance agent was much more widely accepted than it is today. Cue increased federal and state regulation, carrier requirements, emerging markets, increased expansive exposures, and ever-changing platforms it has become nearly impossible for a multi-line insurance agency to truly excel at everything it does, hence why it's not uncommon to see most agencies lean either towards P&C or the Life and financial services side. While they may have access to markets and strategies across the board it has become increasingly cumbersome to be the badass you want to be on both sides of the coin..... until now.

We started in the multi-line world. That fact alone is how we know and understand the frustration that comes with kicking butt as a P&C producing agency only to turn around and have to deal with life insurance contracting, carrier appointments, anti-money laundering, product training, compliance, suitability guidelines, and all the other nitty-gritty’s that take you away from what you’re best at. But we also get why you don’t turn it away. It’s not only the revenue you want but it is the relationship and the guarantee that they don’t walk into your competitor's shop to buy that life policy and end up quoting their home, auto, business, and everything else along the way.

ABC Financial Planning is a “white label” service provider for your agency. That means that when we talk to your clients it is truly on your behalf. When you position our team as YOUR life insurance division or specialists you can rest assured that while handling your life insurance marketing, quoting, proposing, the application process, underwriting, follow up, policy issuing, and service; we will do everything in our power to preserve the integrity of YOUR relationship with YOUR client.

When you partner your agency with ABC you become a member of our exclusive association; here is what that means. As an association member, you will have convenient access to our bank of over 50 top carriers. In addition to that, you will experience a concierge “all in” level of service from start to finish for all your client's life insurance needs. Additionally, through our advanced case design team, you will have access to top (MDRT) producers designing and closing your BIG cases for both Life insurance and Annuities. Seriously, you barely have to lift a finger. You’ll receive super competitive comp for all policies sold, and to make it all as simple as possible, everything you will need and want access to for every contract and carrier you will be able to find under one easy to access portal.

Here is the skinny of it: You get the most qualified and productive life insurance producer you have ever hired that handles 99% of everything for you. It’s all done in your name. Your profit margins increase. Your agencies further validate itself as the quality multi-line agency you want it to be. Your customers are happier and more well cared for because life insurance and financial services are what we do... all day every day... And to top it all off your P&C retention increases and your likelihood to receive referrals and up-sell opportunities increases as a natural consequence of quality agency growth.

Our mission is to re-birth the validity of the multi-line agency in the 21st Century. Are you ready to take your agency to the next level?

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“I was a captive agent for years and built my business from the ground up. The "Support" they promised slowly fizzled away and running my book became more tedious. When I came across PFRG and their platform I was only really looking for additional support. Not only did I get more support, I was given technology that has scaled my business over 80% in less than 3 months! Not only that, my personal earnings increased due to a better level of earning opportunity producing through them. It is a win all around!”

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